History of Mantella Autosport

A history of driving fast and taking chances. 

10 year old Anthony

From BMX bikes, to modifying snowmobiles in order to compete with friends, then onward to racing boats, and soon after, anything Anthony could get his hands on, one thing was certain; from a young age, Anthony wanted to go fast. Any spare moment of his youth was spent working on anything that might compensate his need to race. Despite his passion for the automotive industry, Anthony could not commit to it professionally, pressured by his upbringing to become a business mogul or working for the family business Mantella & Sons. However, Anthony never stopped working on cars in his down time, his hands were always greased or oiled, looking for a new project. For Anthony, there was always a passion to go faster and to beat his fellow man; he had a chronic need to compete and prove he could exceed expectation and break the boundaries set before him. With a passion for excellence, and a desire to go beyond the limits of competitors, Anthony never stopped looking for ways to improve automotive restoration and go faster. It is thanks to these humble beginnings, and the need to excel in every possible way, that Mantella Autosport grew into one of Ontario's finest custom classic car restoration services. 

 About the Mantella Autosport 

Anthony in Chrome Magazine

Mantella Autosport became Anthony Mantella's main project in 2010, and since then, progress has never stopped. Anthony entered the racing industry as a rookie with a lot to prove. However, he entered the competition strong, knowing that he was putting everything he had into perfecting the craft, attaining maximum speed, agility, and precision. In 2012, Anthony entered the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Michelin, driving a Porsche 997 and finishing in 6th place overall. From there, Anthony fought to climb the ladder of success, relentlessly fighting to be the fastest on the track. Through the years, Anthony traveled the world, competing on some of the worlds toughest tracks, including the 24H Series - SP2 2017 in Dubai, where he finished in second place. Anthony was never one to linger too long on one path, and after a five year career on the track, Anthony moved on to brighter things and retired. 


Shop Talk

Mantella Autosport Shop

The Mantella Autosport; Restoration shop began shortly after Anthony came off the track, his need to fix cars and improve what he grew up driving never stopped. Since 2017, Anthony has been working on a plethora of cars, all of different makes, models, and years. With the help and expertise of Kevin Baily,  Anthony especially focusses on Porscha restoration, muscle cars, and pre 1940 hotrods. Although, Anthony is not adverse to seeking out rare cars from all generations. In this shop, nothing leaves until you, Kevin, and Anthony are completely satisfied with the work that has been done.